Geography of Haldwani

Geographically Haldwani lies on the 29.220N longitude and 79.520E latitude. The typical geographical feature of Haldwani is that it lies on the piedmont grade having an elevation gradient of 424 meters or equal to 1391 feet. The piedmont grade is a feature where the rivers on their course flowing from the top of the mountains down tend to go underground and emerge at some distance to meander lazily across the plains. The piedmont grade, locally called a ‘bhabhar’, was the substratum on which the township of Haldwani came up being a major contact point between the hills and the plains. This vantage point made it a vital socio-economic centre of activity.

Demography of Haldwani

Population of Haldwani

There are several geographical features that lead to the populated status of Haldwani. The population is a mix of the plains people intermingled with the hill folk. The settlement of people in this region was mainly because of the favorable condition. The rich porous soil and sub-soil that gets replenished every monsoon. This supremely fertile soil attract farmers to practice settled agriculture here. Also several herdsmen tend to settle here at the Bhabhar top because it is virtually the gateway to the hills. Several traders have set up shop in Haldwani as it is the main source of supplies to the hilly areas above including Bhimtaal, Sataal, Bhowali, Naukuchiyataal and Ramgarh.

Haldwani is the supplies junction which is why a major truckers union can also be found here because most of the goods and supplies for the nearby hilly areas are transported almost on a daily basis from this outpost.

The local administrative headquarter is also located at Haldwani and this the local governance is conducted through the offices located here. The township is also can inviting tourism centre because of its idyllic surroundings, natural beauty and health giving atmosphere. The township has grown over the years with the influxes of several settlers and, thus, has made the population bulge literally to almost double itself in magnitude over the past few decades.

Climate of Haldwani

Situated strategically as the last outpost virtually, of the plains, Haldwani sits atop a piedmont or a Bhabhar which is at an elevation. Characteristically, with every meter that one climbs in attitude from Haldwani to the hilly regions of Uttarakhand the temperature is observed to dip visibly and sharply. An ancient township settled to cater to the vital needs of the hilly towns beyond the point, Haldwani, enjoys pleasant weather throughout the spring, summer and autumn with the winter temperatures dropping drastically. In the olden days caravans would stop here to replenish their rations and various other needs before proceeding into the higher areas, townships. The climate is pleasant all through the day with chilly night air; the cold mornings too are pleasant through the day and pleasant in the evenings almost all the year through.

Types of Soils in Haldwani

Haldwani has the richest soils because of several reasons. Firstly, it is situated at the very beginning of the Ganga plains, therefore, all the fertile immersions the river has carried with it during its rush down the mountains get deposited on its banks. The Ganga could no longer storm its way through various areas as it had done during its upper course. The rich alluvial deposits make for excellent agricultural land. The reason for this fertility is its ideal location exactly between the hills and the onset of the plains region.

The soils here are richly endowed for agricultural practice as they are full of nourishing elements for any number of crops and little or virtually no chemical fertilizers etc are required. The agricultural produce of these areas is much more wholesome than any other places. Another beautiful aspect is that the top soil is refurbished every monsoon season. The previous layer is washed and the newer layers of alluvium are deposited thus enriching the soil resources once again.

Geographical Facts of Haldwani

Haldwani offers a solitude filled retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. An evening walk down the road taking one towards Kathgodam finds one totally with the nature with the crystal pure waters of the pristine streams bubbling away merrily on their way to the plains and the soft breeze blowing in from the loft hills beyond. The area is untouched by the warm heat waves emanating from the plains and by sunset the cool mountain breeze are on their way down to cool the entire atmosphere.

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